Prorites offers wide array of standard and custom designed high quality systems to meet specific dosing needs. Small & precise quantity of chemicals are injected to the process fluids for various purposes, mainly to alleviate harmful possibilities like scale formation.

We manufacture dosing systems in accordance with international quality standards and specifications to meet customer’s expectations. We select all the components with our experience and reputation of the manufacturer to ensure reliable performance.

We also offer low cost dosing system for water treatment with electromagnetic pumps.

Some of the application areas:

  • HP Dosing System – For dosing in boiler steam drum.
  • LP Dosing System – For dosing in de-aerator.
  • Ammonia Dosing System
  • Corrosion inhibitor – Chemical injection system in a process piping
  • Scale Inhibitor  – Chemical injection system in a process piping
  • De-watering – Chemical injection system in a process piping
  • De-emulsifier Dosing systems for improving the Dehydration unit efficiency
  • De-oiling for improving the ETP efficiency
  • PH Level control dosing system
  • Additive Injection System


  • Robust and compact design
  • Ready to install
  • Customized solution
  • Wide range of discharge flow and operating pressure.
  • Material selection as per chemical compatibility.
  • Commissioning assistance.
  • After sales support.